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Agile Analytics - Data Science Framework and DevOPS Platform

Have you experienced situations where reports and dashboards were created for specific needs and to adapt these artifacts with evolving business process requires heavy technology investment and enormous time, sounds way too familiar and feels painful?

Our agile analytics framework along with a DevOps platform provides process, methodology and tools with measurable outcomes that allows team to work collaboratively to understand the problem, iterate through solutions and deploy to production with proper governance.

The Dev-Ops platform with a set of accelerators allow data scientists and analysts to collaboratively work in a one development environment for model experimentation and deployment with access to enterprise data assets across multiple cloud or on-premise locations.

Who will use

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Statisticians
  • Data engineers


An open platform to build, experiment, validate and deploy machine learning models.


Accelerate model development and research at scale by leveraging disparate datasets

The following modules are available in the platform: