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Data visualization is a process that requires data preparation, understanding the use of the visual and developing strategy to select techniques and appropriate tools.

Data Visualization

Data visualization Is a combination of art and science to represent disparate sets of information in a form that provides insights that otherwise would be buried in complex datasets.

  • Bio visualization
  • Represents biological/health data combined with animations
  • Information visualization
  • Represents large scale data both numerical and non-numerical such as social media information
  • Geographic visualization
  • Represents geospatial information
  • Scientific visualization
  • Provides realistic views through three dimensional representations

Our Services

Develop Data Visualization process

We need to understand the relevance and relationship between data to gain insights. The visualization process helps to methodically acquire and prepare data to visual representations.

Selection of Virtualization tool

There are numerous tools available in the industry ranging from open source to subscription model that varies in the way they manage types of data, process data and represent data. This process helps to develop a business case to select tools based on business needs.

Design and develop visualizations

Develop appropriate visual representations to gain insights from data that leads to discover the information hidden within the data.

Interactive dashboard and reports

Develop Intuitive reports that can be controlled based on features and user needs to make the visual representations more engaging.

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