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Is Artificial Intelligence the new electricity?

Artificial Intelligence / Augmented Analytics

With the explosion of data and great technological advancement in analyzing data using sophisticated algorithms, Enterprise AI is becoming a core capability that organizations need to adapt to sustain competitive advantage and stay relevant in business.

Enterprise AI requires cultural and technology changes in an organization, as AI solutions must integrate within the ecosystem that drives business value.

Our solutions focuses on four key components to build Ai powered organization.

Develop business case Map solution to organization goals and benefits Solution is ethical, accountable and explainable Cost effective AI Governance
Integrate data quickly from disparate sources Ensure data quality, accuracy and completeness to avoid biases Ability to include structured, unstructured, real time data Monitor data changes
Leverage existing resources and reskill Prepare team for new roles Accountable for outcomes
Learning culture Data driven decision Inclusive leadership Commitment from all organization levels


Gain insights from text, voice, and other data.

Uses: Personalize customer service, real time responders such as personal assistants, search documents

Machine Learning/Predictive analytics

Replace traditional business intelligence with accurate predictive models that adapts with changing business environment.

Uses: Classification models, Fraud detection solutions, Recommendation engines, Time series model for financial forecasts

Robotic process automation:

Intelligent automation of repeatable processes to reduce cost, time and errors.

Uses: IT services automation, Finance and HR shared services automation

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