About the Data Coach Program

This is a program designed specifically for organizations to coach their full time working professionals across cross functional teams to develop data literacy by performing hands-on activities while receiving best practices and mentoring every step of the way.

We offer a Working Analytics Solution to address your business need with three core coaching options that converts your organization into a Data Science Powerhouse to propel your digital journey.

Three Core Program Offerings

Data Literacy:  This program is ideal for Business leaders, technology managers and Program Managers. This program covers concepts of Data Literacy and explains how and why advanced analytics is applied in your industry. The program takes you through data terminologies, analytics best practices including data quality and ethics assessment, overview of implementation methodology and skills needed.

Program Outcome

  1. Improves overall data literacy
  2. Builds an effective cross functional team with data culture.
  3. Delivers successes and improved returns from investment in data & analytics.

Three Core Program Offerings

Women Returnship Progarm

Upskill the women in your workforce with the Data Coach Program. Our framework makes your employees adept at utilizing data to develop the desired results for greater company benefits. Enable your company with knowledge of the latest in data technology and AI, applied to your industry specific skill set.

Regain trusted employees, especially women, who have separated. Equip them with Data Coach.

The Data Coach Returnship program, enables your business tap into this pool of previously experienced and skilled people and coach them with the latest in data technology.

Retain employees by making them relevant to your business. Equip them with the Data Coach program. Our framework, will not only make your team conversant with technology and comfortable with processes, but also clever and canny with the data you seek to handle. Upskill and reskill employees to harness the power of data to create business value.


Sharda Bharatula, pictured here with Gowri Selka, has recently returned to the workforce after a hiatus. She trained with the Volantsys team through our Data Coach Program, wherein she learned topics including Overview of Data Science, Methodology to Build Various Machine Learning Solutions, Best Practices, Template, and Python coding. Sharda recently worked in a Machine Learning implementation for our client and received accolades for a successful delivery.

Sharda’s experience in her words:    

       Understanding the end to end process of data science was the most rewarding part of this experience. It sounds very complicated, but when broken into components, it’s less daunting.”
Connect with us info@volantsys.com to learn more about how our Data Coach program has enabled Sharda to re-launch her career in Data and Analytics jobs.