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Data is the foundation for analytics and insights.

Data Hub

Data is the foundation for analytics and insights. Artificial Intelligence enables companies to collect data from a wide variety of places at real time and apply self-improving analysis that can take action based on outcomes and on a level of granularity never before available.

It is imperative that an organization cannot begin a journey in analytics without high quality, large volume of data that are accessible for various types of consumptions to meet business needs.

Enterprise level data solution needs to include several key components as described below in the conceptual reference architecture below.

Our Services

Data Strategy

Identify business objectives, understand business processes to develop a roadmap that leverages data across multiple business functions to develop an integrated insight to drive outcomes and confidence in stakeholders.

Big Data and Integration

Develop ways to architect data fabric using Big Data technology to integrate siloed datasets in a secured manner. Benefits typically attained are reduced cost to manage data ecosystem while improving quality, accessibility by eliminating redundancy. Our approach include data discovery , ingestion, storage and prepare data for various consumption patterns.

Data Infrastructure

Infrastructure to manage data should not inhibit an organization ability to access and develop actionable insights for business intelligence. With current advancements in technology there are several options to reduce cost for data management, transformation and to develop data science models. Our experienced data enablement team has expertise to develop solutions that provides options to implement hybrid, cloud only and on-prem infrastructure solutions to meet organization needs.

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