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Accelerate Enterprise adoption of emerging technology to enable engaged customers by empowering workforce.

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To become the best technology partner for enterprises to transform to a customers and workforce centric digital organization.



Volantsys Analytics

– Volantsys Analytics ® is an AI and analytics consultancy firm specializing in partnering with organizations in their transformation journey to implement augmented analytics, Artificial Intelligence solutions to improve business outcomes and customer engagement through our proprietary Data science framework© that integrates emerging technical capabilities with business process transformation and reskilling of workforce. Our core values are trust, collaboration, innovation and outcome focused, cost effective delivery approach by keeping customers and workforce focus; Our Services: Develop business use case , Organizational Analytics maturity assessment, AI solution delivery; Agile Analytics practices with DevOps tools, Big data security; Reskilling of workforce; Organization change management

Our Story

The fourth industrial revolution is becoming like a race between humans and machines. According to the 2018 Future Jobs report, the emerging human-machine frontier requires about 42% shift in workforce skills between 2018-2022. Click here for full report

Every company is in the process to become a technology company by leveraging Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. About 63% executives say that availability of talent as a top barrier to adopt Artificial Intelligence technology.

Implementing AI solutions require a unique blend of technology, cognitive and functional skills. Our goal is to provide a collaborative platform using our Data Science framework and accelerators for a diverse set of functional experts and technologists to work cohesively, to clearly define strategy, understand data and implement sustainable AI solutons.

In order to attain business outcomes faster while reducing cost to implement, it is crucial to integrate workforce transformation within the digital solutions implementation framework.

Our vison is to accelerate Enterprise adoption of this fourth industrial cycle by empowering the workforce with intelligent accelerators to gain insight from their data, embrace technology with no fear and with higher employee engagement.

When companies embrace this methodology, we will have fewer jobs lost, re-skilling of staffs will become a part of the normal operations with the ability to deploy technical solutions at a competitive cost. This will also prepare employees for the future economic needs in both societal and business world.